Main Features

Store Search

With Virtex users rapidly finds the store they are looking for. Filters set on the main categories are suggested to speed up the search process.

Store Data and Performance

The store opens on a summary page displaying info and summary data about the store and its performance. The performance section shows the trend of many KPIs related to store activities.

Store Best-sellers

The Best-sellers section shows the best-selling products from a specific store or group of stores, depending on the level of analysis. Each model is identified by photos, model code,  price, and number of items sold.

Segments Review

Virtex allows you to monitor performance even for the clusters according to the business categories you are most interested in (banners, country, hosts, or any custom test category).

Daily Reports

Virtex lets you know in real-time that up-to-date Daily Reports are available with push notifications.

Data Feed

The Data Feed section provides the update status of the data shown and gives both a graph and a table of the data quality in each area taken into consideration.

Segments Review

The Segments section lets you take the analysis to a higher level.
Each segment identifies a store cluster grouped by business category and analysis of interest to management:
Banner, Country, Host, and custom test category.

Each Segment can have a number of levels of subcategories and you can browse through its hierarchy.

You can view a sheet with a summary of the information on the cluster,
a menu of its subcategories, and the Performance and Best-sellers sections in all levels.

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